Morocco prevents a Spanish lawyer from attending a court hearing in Laayoune

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Moroccan authorities have prevented a Spanish lawyer from entering the city of Laayoune. Cristina Martinez was expected to attend, Thursday, the trial of eight Sahrawis as an observer.

According to Spanish press agency EFE, Martinez was denied entry to Laayoune after she arrived in city's airport from Casablanca. She told the same source that it was the first time that she experiences a similar situation, stressing that the decision was «shameful».

On Thursday, the Laayoune Appeal court will resume hearings on the case of eight Sahrawis, arrested during the riots that the city witnessed on July 19 after the Algerian football team won the Africa Cup of Nations title.

In Laayoune, rioters accuse the police of allegedly «being behind the death» of a young Sahrawi called Sabah Njourni. The latter was hit by a police car while she was crossing the road.

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