A Moroccan-Italian woman sentenced to prison for her stay in Syria

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A Paris court sentenced, Wednesday, an Italian-Moroccan mother to eight years in prison for joining a jihadist group in Syria. Rajae Moujahid has indeed been found guilty of joining the group and for bringing her children with her.

According to AFP, the accused left for Syria in March 2017 for a nine-month stay, with her three children, aged at the time between 5 and 9 years old. When she arrived in Idlib, she got married.

Rajae Moujahid, who was pregnant at the time, returned to Turkey in December 2017. She was arrested in France under an arrest warrant. Upon her arrest, she had official documents from the Islamist group Ahrar Al-Sham, while her phone contained photos of jihadist propaganda, dead children and child soldiers, the same source said.

The rebel group to which the husband of the defendant belonged, Ahrar Al-Cham is not part of the list of terrorist organizations established by the international authorities, indicates the AFP. However, it maintained «operational links with Al-Qaida» and «can therefore be described as a terrorist group in French law».

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