Diaspo #104 : Mohamed Ayadi, a self-made businessman in Germany

Mohamed Ayadi is a Moroccan businessman who managed to build himself a career in Europe. He moved to Germany at an early age to establish a leading company in the field of programming. The self-made man hopes to share his experience with others and create job opportunities for fellow citizens.

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Moroccan businessman Mohamed Ayadi. / Ph. DR

Mohamed Ayadi was born in a small Rif town called Kariat Arkmane, near the city of Nador. When he turned seven, he accompanied his mother and brothers who joined their father in Germany in 1978, 12 years after he emigrated to Europe.

«The beginning was very hard», he told Yabiladi. The Moroccan national had a hard time trying to integrate because he did not speak the language. «I studied in Germany until I got my baccalaureate at the age of 18, then I moved to the United States to study psychology and economics», he said. After spending almost four years there, he moved to South America and then to Asia, to only return 13 years later to Germany.

Although he obtained a master’s degree in psychology and economics, he ended up working in the field of technology and informatics in a German company for almost three years. But in 1998, and after gaining expertise, he worked for Unisys, an American global information technology company that provides IT services, software, and technology. For 13 years, he worked as an international sales manager for the firm.

Establishing his own company

By the end of 2011, Mohamed Ayadi founded his own company in Frankfurt that he called IDA for Smart Data Analysis. The firm provides solutions that connect strategies to new technological abilities. «We design, develop and operate software and innovative systems everywhere in the world, which helps our clients with a wide range of industries», he said.

«I have accumulated a lot of experience in the field of technology and sales, and I was able to set up my own company», Mohamed said, adding that his firm employs «250 people from 19 different countries, including Morocco». Through this business he works with multidisciplinary companies in the field of chemistry, industry, health as well as the financial sector.

He said that his company has worked with a number of international companies, including «Porsche», «Vercenius» and «Deutsche Bank». He also teams up with giants like «Google» and «Apple», and is currently working on a project with «Lufthansa», the largest German airline.

Mohamed Ayadi stressed that his company «is now working to provide internet on airplanes and is partnering with an American company to make that happen».

IDA is also working on another project with Bombardier, Canada's leading aircraft manufacturer. «We are working on another project with Bombardier to create a taxi plane with no driver that would pick up clients from roofs», he said.

«With determination and perseverance, a person can realize his dreams. I believe that even if a man fails a hundred times, he must fight to stand up and get on his feet again. One, also, shouldn’t forget about their roots and where they came from? I was born to a poor family and look at what I managed to reach now».

Mohamed Ayadi

As for his relationship with Morocco, Mohamed said he is «trying to make contacts in the country to set up technology projects and create jobs for young Moroccans».

«I would love to help my country and share my expertise but It is hard to settle down there because I am married here and I have three children», he explained.

«Currently we are working on a project forthe health care sector in Morocco, where we will provide Moroccan hospitals with the latest machines that would help them with diagnosing cancer, and will create a system that will keep the patient's personaldatain a database on the computer, which can be availaible in other hospitals in Morocco».

Mohamed Ayadi

Mohamed Ayadi was invited recently, along other members of the Moroccan community by the Hassan II Foundation for Moroccans living abroad, to attend the celebrations of the Throne Day at the Royal Palace in Tangier, Ayadi confirmed that he was «thrilled and happy about it».

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