Algerians to stage a sit-in for the reopening of the land border with Morocco

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Algerian activists launched an internet call to stage a sit-in near Colonel Lotfi border-crossing, Tuesday, to call for the reopening of the land border with Morocco.

The Algerian Committee for the reopening of the Algerian-Moroccan land border, which is behind the initiative, explains that the two governments must respond to the calls of the two peoples and respect their «mobility right», HuffPost reports.

Bashir Hakem, a committee member contacted by the media, points out that «there are families who have not seen each other in 25 years». It is «unbelievable that an inhabitant of Figuig in Morocco or a inhabitant of Béni Désirif in Algeria must travel nearly 4,000 km to visit a relative who lives only 5 kilometers away from them», he argued.

This initiative was launched after 70 Algerian intellectuals called for the opening of the border, after it was announced that officials in Algeria are studying with researchers and academics the possibility of reopening borders.