Polisario vs. Morocco : After «his war statements», Brahim Ghali calls for peace

The same Brahim Ghali who summoned members of the Polisario General Secretariat to «prepare for war against Morocco», spoke about peace at the 10th edition of the Sahrawi summer university in Boumedres.

Brahim Ghali in Boumerdes. / Ph. SPS
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Polisario leader Brahim Ghali is back again with new statements about Morocco, but this time he is definitely contradicting himself. Attending the closing ceremony of the 10th edition of the Sahrawi summer university in Boumedres, Wednesday in Algeria, Ghali spoke of peace without making mention of war.

«From Algeria, a country of friendship and fraternity, we tell our brothers in the Moroccan kingdom that we are extending the hand of peace, understanding, cooperation and good neighborliness to them», he said before 400 people.

«We are convinced that if Morocco acts as a neighboring state and complies with the demands of the Saharawi population, the region will live in peace», he argued.

Everywhere the wind blows

But what happened that made the leader of the Polisario change his mind and adopt a peaceful language when talking about Morocco ? «Having Brahim Ghali attend the closing ceremony of the Boumerdes summer university was not even planned», a source close to the file told Yabiladi.

«Usually, Ghali attends only the inaugural sessions that are highly publicized and which are often attended by representatives from foreign countries, including Latin America and African Union countries that recognize the 'SADR'», the same source added. This is what happened furing the 9th edition of the summer university in 2018, when the closing ceremony was attended by the Front's «Prime Minister» El Ouali El Akik only.

What motivated this change and pushed Ghali to speak about Morocco in such way ? «He moved to Boumerdes under the command of the Algerian regime, which pushed him to give up on his war plans that were voiced in his July meeting», the same source said.

Indeed, speaking during the same meeting Ghali said that before moving to an «offensive solution», he is planning to get his war plot against Morocco studied beforehand, especially by implementing compulsory military service.

«Volunteering is no longer a good option for our situation, especially now that we are in the middle of a liberation where the enemy is not giving up. This forces us to take radical measures», he explained.

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