Mohamed Rafiq, the 65-year-old man who prevented the Norway terror attack in Baerum

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Mohamed Rafiq, the man who took down the Norway mosque gunman moments after he opened fire on worshipers. / Ph. Reuters

There is no age for being a hero and to the Muslim community in Norway, Mohamed Rafiq is a big one. The 65-year-old worshiper helped, Saturday, take down the heavily armed terror suspect who opened fire in the al Noor mosque in the Oslo suburbs.

Rafiq, who was praised for his heroic deeds, told media that he is «thankful for all of the help and support [he has] received», The Independent wrote.

A few minutes before the shooting, about fifteen people were inside the mosque for Eid al Adha preparations. Out of the sudden, the gunman broke in and started firing.

The same source reveals that Rafiq jumped on the assailant and controlled him with the help of another worshiper called Mohamed Iqbal. Although he was punched in the face for trying to stop the shooter, Rafiq waited until the police came.

The police are investigating the shooting as a terror attack, after discovering that the assailant held far-right ideas and shared. The suspect is accused of killing his step-sister, after police found her body in his apartment.

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