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Italy : A Moroccan is allegedly involved in the murder of a Chinese national

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A man who was wanted for the murder of a Chinese national surrendered ten days after his escape. Aged 25, Hui 'Stefania' Zhou was stabbed to death at a bar where she was working in the suburbs of Reggio Emilia, Italy, in the afternoon of August 8th.

The victim was behind the counter to serve customers when a man entered the bar and started beating her. The murderer fled without allowing the people in the bar to catch him. The girl died, surrendering to her wounds.

In the hours following this tragedy, the police issued an arrest warrant throughout Italy, sent information to the border and published a photo of the suspect, who was identified as Hicham B. and who is believed to be Moroccan, Tirreno News and 7per24 report.

The reason behind the murder remains unknown, although it could be, according to the Italian authorities, a case of femicide and not a badly ended robbery or a settlement of account.

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