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Apprenticeship «opens prospects for integration and social stability», King Mohammed VI says

As in his August 2018 speech, King Mohammed VI stressed the importance of vocational training. «What matters the most is to overcome the obstacles impeding the achievement of high economic growth rates that contribute to prosperity in society», the sovereign said.

King Mohammed VI. / Ph. DR
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Commemorating the 66th anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People, King Mohammed VI delivered a speech on Tuesday from the city of Al Hoceima, following his July 29th address. In the latter, the sovereign gave some details about the «new era», based on «responsibility and growth». Obviously, the launching of a new development model will be the foundation for this era, he said.

The Special Committee, which will be installed soon, will «be threefold: remedial, proactive and forward-looking; the goal is to look into the future with great confidence», the King said. He also hoped that the model that the committee will propose will be «one hundred percent Moroccan».

The King praises vocational training

Obviously, King Mohammed VI is very much betting on the work that will be entrusted to the members of the Special Committee. «I look forward to seeing the proposed development model become the cornerstone for the establishment of a new social contract in which all stakeholders will be involved: the state and its institutions as well as the driving forces of the nation, namely the private sector, political parties, trade unions, civil society organizations and the citizens», he stressed.

The objective is to have everyone participating to the improvement of «the citizens’ living conditions and the reduction of social and regional disparities», especially in «rural areas and in the suburbs». «These segments of the population need further assistance, and greater attention should be paid to their conditions. Continued action is also required to respond to their pressing needs», the King added.

As in his last year speech, King Mohammed VI reiterated the «importance» of vocational training «especially in villages and suburban areas, to provide youths with skills, and thereby enable them to enter the labor market and contribute to the country's development».

«Passing the baccalaureate exam and going to university is not a privilege, it is just a phase in the education process. It is even more important to receive training that opens up prospects for professional integration and social stability».

King Mohammed VI

The King concludes his plea for vocational training with a hadith of the Prophet: «No man earns anything better than that which he earns with his own hands».

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