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Netherlands : A Moroccan sentenced for his offensive messages to a writer

Dutch writer and columnist Özcan Akyol. / Ph. DR
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To insult the Dutch writer and columnist Özcan Akyol, a 31-year-old Moroccan man living in Amersfoort was sentenced to four days in prison on Tuesday. According to the Dutch newspaper Noordhollands Dagblad, the man has already served this sentence.

From January to March of this year, Khalid H. sent nine offensive messages through Facebook to the Deventer columnist. «I wanted to give my opinion. Unfortunately, I used the wrong words», the man in question admitted in court on Tuesday.

Khalid H. claimed to have felt «discriminated against when Akyol wrote about Muslims or Moroccans». However, the police judge only considered his messages as accusations and not mere opinion.

«It's stupid. Very stupid. I am ashamed», said the Moroccan about his behavior.

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