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United States : An American heads a drinking water project for Moroccans

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On August 24, an American woman will be selling bottled water at the Day of Hope event on Third Avenue, Lake County in the state of Illinois in the United States.

She also organizes a musical event from 8pm to 11pm at the Perfect Shot on October 11. The profits will go for a project of reusable water bottles with filters for Morocco, reports local American media Valley Journal.

Shelley Cleverdon found a limited water supply in Morocco while she was on vacation in 2016. She therefore made the decision to help people in regions that lack drinking water. «I was told not to drink that water», she said, remembering that she thought that the tap water did not look bad, although she would not drink it. «Over there, the temperature can get to 130 degrees (54), and people are sucking down as much water as they can», she tells the media.

In February 2019, Shelley Cleverdon met with Mike McHugo, who oversees a program called «Education for All». It has opened six pensions for girls in Morocco that offer them a place to stay to enable them to have access to education. Shelley Cleverdon plans to install pump-type water filtration systems in residential school kitchens and send bottled water.

To make this happen, she had to find funding. One reason she decided to sell bottled water in the US to anyone who wants to buy it and use the profits to send another bottle to Morocco as part of a one-for-one exchange.

She chose 28-ounce bottles of water that could filter 100 gallons of water before the filter has to be replaced. She said the bottles can be filled with dirty water and the filters clean it. A single bottle with a replacement filter costs around $53, Valley Journal concludes.

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