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A Moroccan did not sexually abuse a hitchhiker he is suspected of killing, forensic report finds

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According to the findings of a legal doctor, German hitchhiker, who was allegedly killed by a Moroccan truck driver, was not sexually abused, German weekly Der Spiegel reports.

A forensic report delivered during the trial suggested that no sperm traces were found on the body of the student. An autopsy report from Spain, where the body of Sophia L. was found, had the same conclusion.

The murdered student left her house on Leipzig, last year, to visit her parents in Amberg, Germany. She was picked up by 42-year-old Moroccan truck driver, who is suspected of killing her to cover up a sexual offense. He body was discovered in Spain, after she went missing for days.

The trial of the Moroccan opened in July in Bayreuth. It includes twelve hearings, during which 17 witnesses will be heard, according to Idowa. In the meantime, the defendant has admitted that he committed the murder.

For the record, the Moroccan man was arrested in June, 2018, in Spain for being allegedly involved in a German student’s disappearance.

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