A photography exhibit in the United States to put Morocco under the spotlight

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A photo of a Moroccan carpenter taken by Canadian photographer Martha Bohn when visiting Morocco. / Ph. Martha Bohn

A new photographic exhibition at the Marshall J. Gardner Center (Indiana) for the Arts in the Miller Beach section of Gary is expected to highlight several aspects of a number of countries, including Morocco.

According to local online newspaper The Times of Northwest Indiana, the exhibition, which will take place from September 6 to October 6, will feature the «Definitive Moments» of Canadian-born photographer Martha Bohn and her trips to Nepal India, Cuba and Morocco. Seventy-five photos from these countries will be exhibited at the American gallery.

«When traveling, I attempt to revere locations with a unique perspective and to photograph significant moments», Bohn said. «I find that the best way to travel is to meet locals, converse with them, and then attempt to capture their persona», she told the same newspaper.

The retired professor visited 80 countries to take pictures. In 2017, she published a book that included 49 portraits in Morocco of artisans, workers, salespeople and people living in the Sahara Desert and in the Medinas of Marrakech and Essaouira.

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