London: Moroccan Researcher Kamal Daissaoui becomes a Knight of the Order of Science and Innovation

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The president of the Moroccan School of Engineering Sciences (EMSI), Kamal Daissaoui, who is also a researcher and a lecturer at the same institution, was made a Knight of the Order of Sciences and Innovation in London, during the International Grand Salon inventions, held on the 29 and 30 August. The researcher was awarded in recognition of «his actions in favor of scientific research and innovation».

According to a statement from EMSI, this establishment has also won the Platinum International Award invention London 2019 for the patent «Smarty Factory 4.0», during the same event. Through the two laboratories «SMARTilab» and «LPRI», the same source indicates that the school was also awarded two gold medals for its two flagship inventions «Smartrafic» and «Smart Factory 4.0».

EMSI explains that the «Smartrafic» innovation is a decentralized system «based on radiofrequency identification and image processing», which manages urban traffic in an optimal and intelligent way. «This system identifies vehicles in a state of emergency (firefighters, ambulances, police) and dynamically controls the traffic light», the statement said.

As for the «Smarty Factory 4.0» project, it consists of «a multi-interface, multi-protocol and multi-industry communication device, enabling the acquisition of data in the form of mode bus frames and analog inputs / outputs».

This distinction is added to those won by the EMSI in eight countries, namely the innovation prize of the EFI (Europe France Inventors), the grand prize of invention of Norton Cambodia University, the grand prize of the Association of Thai Innovation and Invention Promotion, the World Invention Intellectual Property Associations (WIIPA) Special Prize, the Haller Pro Inventio Foundation Special Prize in Poland, the Romanian Inventors Forum Special Prize, the Special Prize of the Union of Croatian Innovators and the Egyptian Council for Creativity, Innovation & Intellectual Property Protection (ECCIPP) Special Award.

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