The African-American man mistaken for a Sub-Saharan migrant leaves Morocco

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Timothy Hucks, an African-American citizen who was mistaken for a Sub-Saharan migrant in Morocco. / Ph. Twitter

It is finally the end of an unfortunate chapter in the life of Timothy Hucks in Morocco. Monday morning, the New Yorker has had managed to leave the country and head back to the United States, after he got arrested and driven with a group of Sub-Saharan migrants to Beni Mellal in March. 

An acquaintance of the young man told Yabiladi, Tuesday, that Hucks «could take the ferry to Tarifa, in order to return to New York through Spain».

Last March during an identity check in Rabat, Timothy Hucks was arrested alongside a group of irregular migrants, mostly from Sub-Saharan Africa, and driven to Beni Mellal. The African-American citizen was mistaken for a Sub-Saharan migrant.

Traumatized by the incident, Hucks decided to stay home and keep a low profile while in Morocco. However, the situation resulted in him overstaying in Morocco. And since then, he had been struggling trying to leave the country.

Three days after sharing his ordeal on social media and speaking to Yabiladi about it, the young man was finally able to leave the Kingdom and return home.

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