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Punish a Muslim Day : A white supremacist sentenced to 12 and a half years in prison

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The white supremacist behind the «Punish a Muslim Day» campaign was sentenced this week to 12 and a half years in prison. According to the British newspaper The Independent, David Parnham who had sent parcels to several mosques and political figures, is expected to serve his sentence in hospital until he is well enough to be transferred to prison.

Quoting The Old Bailey, the newspaper recalls that the 36-year-old had sent several malicious letters, targeting mosques, the queen and politicians, including David Cameron and Theresa May.

He admitted offences, including «soliciting murder, encouraging crime, bomb and noxious substance hoaxes and sending letters with intent to cause distress», the same source added.

In early 2018, a series of letters entitled «Punish a Muslim Day» were sent to encourage violence on the birthday of an American white supremacist.

The letters claimed that Europe and North America were «overrun» by Muslims and contained an improvised scorecard, ranging from attacks on women's veil to attacks with acid, torture, bombing a mosque and massacring Muslims with rifles, knives and vehicles.

The judge said David Parnham was suffering from an autism spectrum disorder, but rejected the suggestion that he was psychotic at the time. «You have yet to appreciate the seriousness of what you have done and seem to want to return to the community at the earliest opportunity to live with your parents», he told the court on Tuesday.

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