UK : A zillij composition from a madrasa in Meknes on the facade of an educational center

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A zillij composition inspired by a Meknes medrasa in the UK. / Ph. Eric Broug

It was unveiled this week in Dewsbury, an English city in West Yorkshire County : a large zillij composition inspired by the design of a madrasa in Meknes. This was announced today by artist Eric Broug, specializing in compositions inspired by Islamic arts, on his Twitter account.

The composition was set up on the facade of the new Dewsbury Education Center. It stands at 4x9 meters and would be the largest Islamic geometrical composition in Europe.

«I have used a geometric composition from the famous Bou Inania madrasa in Meknes in Morocco and scaled it up and chosen different colours.  The composition is made of waterjet porcelain tiles. The photos show a testpanel that amounts to about 12% of the final composition», explains Eric Broug.

Last March, this composition, which was then only at the design stage, was shortlisted for the Best Commercial Project Award by the Tile Association (TTA), which represents all aspects of the Tile industry, walls and floors in the UK, from manufacturing to installation.

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