A Netflix series about Syria mistakenly features a Morocco money transfer agency

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A screenshot of a scene from Netflix series the Spy. / Ph. DR

A scene from Sacha Baron Cohen’s new Netflix series went viral because of a small mistake that did not go unnoticed. The series entitled «The Spy», which was shot in several Moroccan cities, included a scene that showed Morocco money transfer agency Wafacash, Western Union and MoneyGram.

Shared on social media, the scene is from the sixth episode of the series that takes place in Syria during the 1960s. In the same shot, one can easily recognize the logo of Moroccan bank Attijariwafa Bank.

These small details, noticed by Moroccan fans, were not the only ones, as many other mistakes were also pinpointed. According to internet users, extras shouted in Darija «we are in Morocco», in one of the scenes.

For the record, «The Spy» tells the story of Israeli spy Eli Cohen who lived in Syria during the 1960s for a long-term mission.

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