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A court sentences a Moroccan who killed a German hitchhiker to life imprisonment

German student Sophia Losche. / Ph. DR
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A German court sentenced, Wednesday, a 42-year-old Moroccan to life imprisonment for sexually assaulting and murdering a German student, PNP reports.

The 28-year-old student Sophia Losche was planning to spend holidays with her family when she decided to hitchhike. She was picked up by the Moroccan truck driver, who tried to assault her in a rest area. He got very furious when she slapped him and he hit her back with a hook wrench four time.

The accused said that he did not want to kill her and that he just wanted to punish her for slapping him. He then tried to get rid of her body by trying to burn it.

The family of the deceased, for their part, declared that they would not consider appealing this decision.

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