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Jacques Chirac, Morocco’s long-time friend, dies aged 86

King Hassan II and France's former President Jacques Chirac. / Ph. DR
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On Thursday morning, the death of France’s former President Jacques Chirac was announced by his family in Paris, where the 86-year-old politician passed away. The French politician, who suffered from memory loss and a stroke while in office, was head of state from 1995 to 2007.

Known for being a great figure of the Rally for the Republic, Chirac was twice president and twice prime minister, becoming France’s favorite politician.

Abroad, he was also a president appreciated by Arab leaders, including Morocco’s late King Hassan II. Chirac was the Kingdom’s long-time friend and loved holidaying in the country, most precisely in Taroudant.

Even after the death of Hassan II, Chirac cherished the special relationship he had with the country and the royal family. In 1999, he attended the funeral of the late King and paid tribute to him in one of his speeches.

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