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A French couple’s «misadventure» in Morocco after the Thomas Cook collapse

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A French couple from Carvin, a commune in the Pas-de-Calais department in the Hauts-de-France region of France, shared their experience in Morocco after the collapse of British tour operator Thomas Cook.

The couple, who flew to the Kingdom through a travel agency associated to the holiday operator, said that they were holidaying in Marrakech when they learnt about the company’s sudden collapse.

Speaking to local online newspaper La Voix du Nord, the couple recalled that they «received a notice from the hotel», asking them to «pay for the entire stay» even though their trip was a package that was entirely paid through Aquatour.

«The couple gave up» after they realized that they had no other solution and that they would be kicked out of their hotel room. «We paid 1,540 euros», Maryse Sart told the same newspaper.

Back in France on Friday, the couple went to their travel agency to understand the situation. «They told us that they couldn’t do anything after Thomas Cook went bankrupt», explained the couple who arrived in Morocco on September 13th.

For the record, the Moroccan National Office of Tourism (ONMT) held, last week in Agadir, a meeting to discuss the situation of Thomas Cook holidaymakers in Morocco and ensure their repatriation. Days before this meeting, a crisis unit was created by the same office to assist tourists impacted by the news.

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