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Morocco alerts Spanish Civil Guard to a migrants' attempt to storm Ceuta

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Civil Guard members were mobilized, Wednesday, after they had been alerted by the Moroccan authorities to the attempt of 150 sub-Saharan migrants, who were planning to storm Ceuta.

According to El Faro de Ceuta, Civil Guard members in both Beliones and Tarajal, did not have to intervene. As a precautionary measure, the closing of the border was ordered at around six o'clock in the morning. Around seven in the morning, the border was reopened.

«In Morocco, the border with the enclave was completely shielded, in order to prevent these irregular migrants from approaching it», the same source added.

El Faro de Ceuta recalls that on 30 August, more than 150 sub-Saharan migrants managed to enter the Spanish enclave. The same source also recalls that NGOs assisting migrants denounced this week the massive raids launched by the Moroccan authorities to dismantle camps near borders.

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