Moroccan artist Hassan Hajjaj to present his installation «My Rockstars» at the Ford Theaters

Moroccan artist Hassan Hajjaj. / Ph. DR
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Morocco-born contemporary artist Hassan Hajjaj is expected to present, Friday in Hollywood, his installation «My Rockstars Experimental Live» at the Ford Theaters in Los Angeles, Laist reports.

The event is a live performance of his famous «My Rockstars Experimental Vol. 1 series», which includes photos of stars he styled. In this series, he collaborated with six artists from different countries, the same source added.

Guests will attend six performances of international musicians framed by colorful and patterned textiles that highlight the originality of the Larache-born artist.

«Hassan Hajjaj has a deep and wildly interesting story. With a beginning in photography, he has worked with everything from fashion to furniture design and continues to experiment with different mediums», wrote Laist. The latter recalls that the artist, known as the Andy Warhol of Morocco, has his work exhibited in the Brooklyn Museum, the British Museum and the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art.

This one-of-a-kind evening, which will be hosted by KCRW Radio's DJ Garth Trinidad, is produced and co-hosted by Kamilla Blanche.

In addition to this event, there are other exciting news related to the Moroccan artist. RATP Group, a French public transport operator, has announced that the work of Hajjaj has been displayed in twelve train stations in France since September 27 to honor his artistic career.

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