Morocco's OCP allowed to set up companies in Mexico and India

OCP headquarters in Casablanca. / Ph. DR
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The Moroccan head of the government and Finance Minister have given the green light to chemicals company OCP Group to set up a company in Mexico, called «OCP Specialties Mexico».

The new Guadalajara-based firm is a subsidiary of «OCP International Cooperative UA», announced the government gazette. On June 26, 2018, OCP’s Board of Directors approved the creation of the new company in Mexico.

According to the government gazette, OCP was also allowed to create a new company in India under the name of «OCP Specialties India Private», with its headquarters in Mumbai.

The firm is also a subsidiary of OCP International Cooperative UA. The India OCP firm is expected to have a turnover of USD 34.7 million by 2023.

Meanwhile, Credit Agricole du Maroc was also allowed by the government to create a company in Morocco called «CAM Brokerage».

Article modified on : 05/10/2019 19h40

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