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Spain arrests a Moroccan national who allegedly wanted to target public figures

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Arrested last week in Madrid, Moroccan-born Abdelaziz AA is a 23-year-old alleged jihadist who wanted to reportedly target several locations and public figures in Spain. According to Spanish daily El Mundo, the arrestee had several plans.

Documents and videos seized by the police show that he plotted to «target several metro stations in Madrid». In a notebook, he also had several addresses and locations. Heard by an investigating judge, the Tetouan-native was detained for «joining a terrorist organization».

According to the judge, the detainee was allegedly planning to «commit a terror attack on behalf of ISIS». Police found a video in which he «pledged allegiance to Abu Baker Al Baghdadi, leader of the terrorist organization».

According to the same source, the suspect recorded a series of videos of places he reportedly had in mind. He also shared videos and messages on a terror platform. When heard by the judge, the Moroccan national said that these were «not real threats» and that he was acting like that because of his «anger and discontent».

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