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Morocco’s Ismail El Alaoui publishes a new collection of poems in five languages

Moroccan poet Ismail El Alaoui. / Ph. DR
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Moroccan poet Ismail El Alaoui published a new collection of poems in five languages. «Although languages are different, love is a unique and universal feeling», he said, talking about his collection of poems he entitled «peace».

With these «pure and spontaneous» poems, the poet aims at «unifying the world», Mundiario reports.

«We all can hate, but we have to control this hatred and refrain from translating it into actions», the Moroccan poet told the same source.

Indeed, El Alaoui’s poems are in Arabic, Spanish, French, English and Italian. It is the first time that he combines the five languages in one collection.

For the record, Ismail El Alaoui published before several books, including «Palestina», «Versos Africanos», addressing different themes, Mundiario concludes.

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