In a video shared online, Israel praises historic ties with Morocco and Moroccans

Two weeks after an informal «peace breakfast» in Washington, attended by Jared Kushner and a Moroccan publisher, the Israeli Foreign Ministry praised in a Facebook post historic ties between Israelis and Moroccans.

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In an unprecedented move, the Israeli Foreign Ministry praised on social media Moroccans and their «historic ties with Israel». In a video shared, Monday, on Facebook, a Middle East senior official at the Israeli Foreign Ministry addressed «ties» between Israel and Morocco.

Speaking in Moroccan Arabic and then classical Arabic, the official said that «since its creation, Israel has welcomed hundreds of Moroccans». «They are an important part of the Israeli society», he stressed.

«The Israeli culture has been highly influenced by the Moroccan heritage, mainly music, food as well as human values, such as minimalism and tolerance», he added. The official, then, referred to the unfortunate situation of Jewish Moroccans who were considered as second-class citizens when they first left North Africa for Tel Aviv.

However, he highlighted the links young generations in Israel have with their Moroccan roots. «They sing Moroccan songs, play Moroccan games and speak Moroccan Arabic, which is heartwarming», he added.

A peace breakfast in Washington

Furthermore, the Israeli official referred to Israelis who visit Morocco annually. «Tens of thousands of tourists visit the Kingdom every year», he said, adding that most of them «get to meet Moroccans and enjoy their trips there». He then lauded efforts made by Morocco to «restore synagogues and preserve the Jewish heritage in the country».

«Joint cooperation between Israel and Morocco covers several fields, including agriculture, trade and industry, despite the fact that the Kingdom and Israel have no diplomatic relations».

An Israeli official

He even spoke nostalgically about the years during which Morocco had a diplomatic representation in Tel Aviv, an office that was shut in October 2000 following the Second Intifada.

However, in 2003, King Mohammed VI received Minister of Foreign Affairs Silvan Shalom in Tetouan. Three years later, Amir Peretz, newly elected as a party leader in Israel, was received in Morocco.

The Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry video comes after a «peace breakfast», that was attended in the United States by Eran Lerman, vice President of the Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security (JISS), and Moroccan publisher Ahmed Charai and attended by Trump’s senior advisor Jared Kushner.

The meeting was an opportunity for Donald Trump’s son-in-law to address the US Palestinian-Israeli peace plan, Israeli media reported in September.

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