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Spain's Antonio Montiel denies having been asked to paint a portrait of King Mohammed VI

King Mohammed VI. / Ph. DR
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Earlier this week, Spanish newspaper El Espanol reported that Malaga-based painter Antonio Montiel is going to paint a portrait of King Mohammed VI. The newspaper wrote that the Spanish artist was expected to reportedly «meet King Mohammed VI in November» to discuss the project.

The announcement, relayed by El Espanol on Monday, was then quoted by several Moroccan news platform, including Yabiladi. However, it turned out that the artist was misunderstood.

On Twitter, Spanish correspondent Javier Otazu, confirmed that Montiel is not going to paint a portrait of the King of Morocco. «I phoned the painter and he said that these statements were attributed to him», Otazu told Yabiladi.

Indeed, on Wednesday, Antonio Montiel told Yabiladi in a voice message that he did not announce that he would paint a portrait of the King. «I painted several portraits for royalties and celebrities from around the world, but it is not the case for King Mohammed VI», he stressed.

«I would love to do that in the future (…) I will be honored. But for now, I have not been asked to do it», he added, stressing that he words were misunderstood and misinterpreted by the same media. The Spanish artist explained that he does not understand why El Espanol «distorted his statements».

In addition to all the distinguished people he painted, the Spanish painter’s recent work was exhibited, Friday, at the Buenavista Palace. It is the first official portrait of King Filipe VI of Spain that he started in January 2018 and finished in October 2019.

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