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De Belofte van Pisa, a movie on the struggles of young Dutch-Moroccans in Amsterdam

Mano Bouzamour, a Moroccan-Dutch novel. / Ph. DR
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«De Belofte van Pisa», a Dutch movie directed by Norbert ter Hall and based on the novel of Moroccan-Dutch writer Mano Bouzamour is to premier, Thursday, in the Netherlands, NRC reports.

The movie tells the story a Moroccan-Dutch young man and the «barriers that he has to overcome to be the first member of his family to obtain a degree from a prestigious high school in Amsterdam», wrote the Dutch newspaper. The new movie also highlights others problems that Dutch-Moroccans are faced with, including racism, discrimination and prejudices.

«Belofte van Pisa», according to NRC, is inspired by a German film called «Angst essen Seele auf». Directed by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, the 1974 movie is one of the first European movies to address racism. The film is about a Moroccan immigrant who falls in love with a German cleaner.

Born in 1991 in Amsterdam, Mano Bouzamour is a Dutch novelist. His first novel «De belofte van Pisa» was a success. Published in 2013, the novel is an autobiography in which the Moroccan-Dutch man talks about his childhood as the son of immigrant parents.

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