A Moroccan-Italian major denounces discrimination within the Italian army

Karim Akalay Bensellam, a Moroccan-Italian major within teh Italian army. / Ph. DR
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Karim Akalay Bensellam, 36, is a Moroccan major in the Italian army, who decided to speak about discrimination within the military forces, starting with his own struggles. According to Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera, Bensellam lodged a complaint against a sergeant for «racism».

The soldier is accused of allegedly insulting and discriminating against Karim Akalay Bensellam before many soldiers, wrote the judge. The Moroccan-Italian major alleges that said sergeant used to «call him names during every flag raising ceremony», referring to his Moroccan background.

«I have always tried not to involve the ministry in similar cases that could bring dishonor to the regiment», wrote Bensellam in his complaint.

Bensellam is not the only officer of Moroccan descent to denounce discrimination in Europe. Not very far from Italy, Dutch-Moroccan police team chief Fatima Abouloufa made headlines in the Netherlands after addressing «discrimination and racism» within the police organization in the country. Aboulouafa was put on leave after becoming one of the first whistblowers to talk about the situation.

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