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Police in the UK encourage Muslim women to denounce hate crime

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Avon and Somerset police in the UK have said that three-quarters of recorded hate crimes against women in the city of Bristol in the past two years have been anti-Muslim, BBC reports.

«It is a crime and you don't have to put up with it», police officer Andy Bennett said.

According to Aaliyah Hussain, founder of campaigning organization We Rise, «all women face barriers» when denouncing a crime. Women are «so used to» being abused that they end up viewing these assaults as normal, says Aaliyah Hussain and Andy Bennett.

«They are normalizing this behavior because it's part of their everyday life and I want to say 'the police absolutely don't want you to put up with this behavior», said the police officer. «Islamic women in particular are suffering, often almost daily, verbal harassment and persistent name calling and intimidation - and this is the area where we really want to smash it», he argued.

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