Imane Fadil’s family refuses to hold a funeral and demands a new post-mortem

Morocco-born model Imane Fadil. / Ph. DR
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The family of Imane Fadil, a Morocco-born model who died earlier this year in Italy, is convinced that their «daughter was poisoned».

Seven months after the model, who played a crucial role in the «bunga bunga» trial, died in a hospital in Milan, her family demands a new post-mortem to prove that she «was poisoned».

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Fadil’s brother-in-law Cosimo Pasqualone recalled the last days in her life. «She was covered in purple bruises and her eyes and fingernails were yellow. I honestly couldn't believe I was looking at the same person. It was as if all the life was being sucked out of her», Pasqualone said.

The family who has recently gained possession of Imane’s body refuses the results of the post-mortem conducted by the Italian authorities, accusing «dark forces loyal to Berlusconi (Italy’s former Prime Minister) of silencing the 34-year-old to prevent more lurid details of his hedonistic parties and involvement with young women becoming public».

Imane Fadil was one of the many young women who attended the «sex parties» hosted by Italy’s Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. She was also one of the three women who decided to testify in court against the politician. The family believes that Imane Fadil was targeted for the role she played in the trial.

For the record, Fadil felt sick by the end of January and was admitted to a hospital. According to her family, a «doctor told her that she had probably been poisoned».

While initial tests showed that she had «unexplained and dangerously high levels of cadmium and antimony in her body», the last results revealed that she suffered from aplastic anemia, a sickness that was behind her death.

«The authorities are telling us to hold a funeral for Imane but we are determined to have another post-mortem. Imane was always searching for the truth. The only way to honor her memory is to do the same thing», the family concluded.

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