Morocco’s Amazigh accuse Turkey of wanting to «exterminate» the Kurdish population

Unlike Islamists in the Kingdom, who have remained silent over the Turkish military intervention in Syria, several Moroccan Amazigh associations have showed support for the Kurdish population. They accuse Ankara of wanting to «exterminate» Kurds.

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Earlier in October, Turkey launched a military operation against the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Syrian Army in northeastern Syria, days after the Trump Administration ordered American troops to withdraw from the region. To Ankara, its military intervention is necessary to «create a safe zone» and to remove Kurdish militias from its border with Syria.

But as many Muslim countries and groups rushed into showing support for the Turkish military movement, such as Qatar and Palestinian Sunni-Islamist movement Hamas, other nations and organizations preferred to condemn what they call an «invasion» of Syria. Among these are Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and other countries in the region.

«An attack against a fellow people»

In Morocco, an official position regarding the situation in Syria has not been expressed yet. But that did not stop Amazigh associations and organizations, known for supporting Kurds, from voicing their own position.

The Amazigh World Assembly (AMA), which brings together several Amazigh associations in North Africa, was the first to issue a statement, condemning «the Turkish regime’s military attack against the fellow Kurdish people».

Sent to Yabiladi, Wednesday, the statement describes Turkey’s military intervention as a «deadly attack» and criticizes «the silence» of the international community and the European Union. Some countries «have not tried to take the necessary steps to dissuade the Turkish regime and stop the ongoing military attack against a defenseless people», the assembly said.

While announcing its «absolute and unconditional solidarity with the Kurdish people» in northeastern Syria, the Amazigh World Assembly slammed «the excuses presented by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to justify this attack».

A «genocide» and an «extermination» of the Kurds

In a statement to Yabiladi on Wednesday, Amina Ibnou-Sheikh, president of the Moroccan section of the Amazigh World Assembly, regrets that «Islamists and Baathists are trying to justify what Erdogan is doing».

«We must not forget that the Justice and Development Party is a copy of the Turkish Justice and Development Party. The Muslim Brotherhood has the same obsession and the same objectives», she argued, considering that it would be «normal for Moroccan Islamists to take this position».

«We say that this aggressive intervention is aimed at exterminating the Kurds, because they are the ones who helped destroy the ‘Islamic State’. Studies have shown how Turkey contributes to its financing and support».

Amina Ibnou-Sheikh

For the president of the Moroccan section of the Amazigh World Assembly, this is an act of «revenge» and a «genocide targeting the indigenous people of the region».

For his part, Moroccan Amazigh activist Brahim Akdim also believes that the Turkish intervention in the Kurdish areas of Syria is an act of «genocide».

The same opinion was voiced by Mohamed Handaine, coordinator of Amazigh associations and organizations in Morocco. «We condemn the Turkish invasion and stand with the Kurds», he told Yabiladi.

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