Spain : Moroccan «barons» targeted by an anti-money laundering campaign

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Anti-money laundering operations which were conducted by Spain's National Police and Civil Guard, have targeted some Moroccan «hash barons», who could be arrested in the new operations, Ceuta TV reports.

Over the last two months, Spanish security forces and organizations have led a massive campaign against drug traffickers and money launderers in southern Spain.

According to the Europa Sur newspaper, authorities in Spain have reportedly arrested several people who had acquired real estate and projects in southern Spain to launder money from illicit drugs.

The newspaper also states that the Spanish police were able to arrest a large number of people, including Spaniards, Moroccans and other nationals who owned property in southern Spain with drug money.

The police campaign is still underway in southern Spain and many people belonging to these criminal organizations are expected to be arrested, including Moroccan drug traffickers who promote money laundering across the country.

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