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Terrorist threats hover over Spain

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Terrorist organization «Islamic State» were behind several videos in Spanish, in which jihadists threaten «those who do not commit attacks». One recent video features Abu Oussam Al Maghribi, a Moroccan ISIS fighter, who urged «believers to carry attacks» in Spain.

Viewed by La Razon, the video which has Spanish subtitles was seen by specialists as a threat to the country, where a high level of vigilance was maintained in the last couple of years to prevent terrorist attacks.

In the video, the commander is surrounded by his followers, while looking at the camera and threatening his viewers.

«The fact that it is a Moroccan terrorist who spreads these messages and that ‘Daesh’ [ISIS] is concerned to translate them into Spanish, so that they can be read by possible lone wolves who do not have sufficient command of Arabic is worrisome», La Razón explains. 

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