The Jerusalem Biennale, a glimpse of contemporary Morocco

A photo by Hicham Benohoud, the Hole. / Ph. DR
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For the first time ever, Jewish and Muslim artists from Israel, Morocco and other parts of the world will be presenting their works of art to display parts of their Moroccan identity.

The project, entitled «the Jerusalem Biennale», which commenced from October 10 and will continue until November 28, is organized by creative director Rami Ozeri, while the exhibition dubbed as ‘Ziara : Moroccan Common Wisdom’ is curated by the jewish moroccan artist Amit Hai Cohen.

The latter says that «the exhibition is a site for all the religions, and basically we’re inviting artists to come for a ziara. It can also be to your mother, to your home, to the Moroccan Quarter that was destroyed after 1967».

Amit Hai Cohen brought artists in painting, film, sculpture, fashion and design and cinema, not to mention Youtubers and International Moroccan Instagram stars to display their work, Israeli daily Haaretz reports.

Article modified on : 23/10/2019 12h08

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