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A Brussels HIV-positive jihadist opposes deportation to Morocco

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A Moroccan national who was convicted for terrorism in Belgium has appealed against an order of deportation to Morocco, citing his health condition.

The 42-year-old former Molenbook resident said that he fears that he will not receive appropriate treatment for his HIV-positive status, Brussels Times reports.

Identified as O. B., the Moroccan national is currently held at a center in Liège, waiting for his deportation. In 2014, he received a four-year sentence for his terror-related activities.

He then appealed against his deportation order, stressing that he «could be tortured» in Morocco and that «he would not receive the medical treatment he needed as an HIV-positive person», the same source said, quoting Flemish-language newspaper Bruzz.

Belgium’s Aliens Disputes Council rejected the man’s appeal and it is not known whether he will be appealing against this decision.

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