Hirak detainee Nabil Ahamjik begins a hunger strike

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Hirak detainee Nabil Ahamjik. / Ph. DR

A few days after Hirak detainee Rabii Al Ablak put an end to his hunger strike, a fellow inmate has started a new one. On Wednesday, Nabil Ahamjik’s lawyer, Fatima El Merdi, announced that the Hirak detainee had started a hunger strike.

On November 1st, when he was transferred to a prison in Tifelt, Ahamjik began his hunger strike to protest against the decision, Arabic-language online newspaper Lakome wrote.

The lawyer who met her client on Tuesday said that she had noticed «traces of torture» on Nabil Ahamjik’s body, adding that he would file a complaint.  

For the record, several Hirak detainees have been transferred to prison cells and put in «disciplinary cells», after prison authorities launched an investigation regarding an audio recording attributed to Nasser Zefzafi, a leading Hirak figure.

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