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Moroccan porters protest against the closure of the Tarajal II border crossing

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Since October 9, the activities of Moroccan porters who carry goods across the Tarajal II Ceuta crossing have been suspended. According to local online newspaper La Verdad de Ceuta, around 2000 porters protested, Tuesday, against the decision.

They took to the border to urge the Moroccan authorities to open the commercial crossing and allow them to pursue their activities. The porters protested against the consequences of the closure too.

Pressured by the demands of the porters, the same source indicates that some of them were allowed to enter Ceuta in small groups to load goods and transport them to Morocco.

The border crossing between Morocco and Ceuta has seen several tragedies in the recent months, including the death of a carrier and a young man near Tarajal II as they prepared to enter the Spanish presidium.

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