Syria : Moroccan-Italian jihadist says he is «ready» for extradition to Milan

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Mohamed Koraichi left Lecco (Italy) with his family four years ago to join Daesh in Syria. But he is now calling for his own extradition. Through Italian media Il Giornale, he expressed this Saturday his conditions to engage and cooperate with the police. Having received Italian citizenship in 2013, he expresses his «disillusion» from the Kurdish prison of Al Hassaka.

«At first we were treated well. But after the bombings [against Daesh and the Kurdish army, ed], everything has changed», he says, claiming he did not take up arms. However, Il Giornale stresses that the investigation into his case in Milan showed evidence to the contrary, especially due to his military training in Syria.

Italian justice, which is actively seeking him, also blames him for his participation as a jihadist in acts of violence, under the instructions of the terrorist group. According to Il Giornale, Mohamed Koraichi was identified in a video of «the attack on an airport aimed at killing nearly 250 Syrian soldiers, many of whom were massacred».

In addition, the terrorist «sent photos from Syria, showing that he was training his young children to use Kalashnikovs» before his arrest by the Kurdish army, the same source adds. «A series of investigations also revealed that he was the mentor of the 'Daesh boxer', a.k.a Abderrahim Moutaharrik, whom Mohamed Koraichi convinced from Lecco to go to Syria», the media said. The man is currently serving a six-year prison sentence «for international terrorism in Sassari Prison» after his Italian citizenship was stripped from him.

Rumors had been running about the killing of Mohamed Koraichi in a bombing until he was found after Turkey's recent attacks on Kurdish armies in Syria.

Before his departure for jihad, the terrorist had arrived in Italy in 2003 with a regular work permit.

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