Morocco has some of the best 4G coverage in Africa, the Global Connectivity index reveals

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Morocco ranks 61st out of 79 countries in the 2019 Global Connectivity Index (GCI). Scoring 36 points out of 120, the Kingdom is part of the «staters» category, the lowest one set by the index conducted by Chinese telecoms firm Huawei.

Assessing connectivity levels in country, the index reveals that Morocco has «improved its score for 4G investment over the last year, despite its overall below the global average».

Alongside South Africa, «Morocco has some of the best 4G coverage in Africa, with 60% of the country area covered by LTE mobile technology», wrote the authors of the report.

«Mobile broadband subscription saw a 2-point improvement, as did smartphone penetration, despite broadband becoming less affordable this year. Internet usage also expanded over last year», they added.

As for the opportunities that Morocco has in hand, the index stresses that the country must «continue to grow its digital infrastructure, increase online content, expand citizens’ access to broadband with an emphasis on developing digital skills, and support local service providers in developing the local IT market and building potential».

Regionally, Morocco is topped by the United Arab Emirates 23rd, Bahrain 40th, Oman 42nd, Saudi Arabia 43rd, Kuwait 46th. In North Africa, Morocco is ranked second, behind Egypt 58th and ahead of Algeria 68th.

The ranking is topped by the United States 1st, Switzerland 2nd, Sweden 3rd, Singapore 4th and Denmark.

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