Morocco is one of the countries affected the least by extreme weather events, survey finds

According to the 2020 Global Climate Risk Index, is one of the countries affected the least by extreme weather events. The country is ranked 125th among 181 countries studied by the report.

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Morocco is one of the countries and territories affected the least by extreme weather and weather-related loss events in 2018, according to the recent edition of the Global Climate Index, a report that analyses to what extent countries and regions have been impacted by climate risks, including floods and heat waves.

Released last week, the survey conducted by Germanwatch, an NGO that seeks influence public policy on trade and the environment, ranks Morocco 135th among 181 other countries.

The kingdom’s ranking is considered good, according to the authors of the report, who indicate that «the countries ranking highest are the ones most impacted». Scoring 125 points out of 125, Morocco managed to better its performance when compared to 2017, when it ranked 124th and scored 116 points.

Climate risks in Morocco

The 15th edition of the Global Risk Index, ranks Morocco 115th for the number of fatalities that took place in 2018. The North African Kingdom is ranked 115th for the fatalities per 100 000 inhabitants that took place during the same year. For the financial losses related to extreme weather, Morocco is ranked 135th.

Regionally, Morocco has the same position as many other countries, including Bahrain, Libya and Qatar. It is, however, ranked better than Oman 13th, Tunisia 35th, Kuwait 57th, Algeria 109th, Mauritania 116th and Egypt 131st.

The report was topped by Japan 1st, the Philippines 2nd, Germany 3rd, Madagascar 4th and India 5th. These countries are the most affected by climate risks in 2018.

From 1999 and 2018, Morocco ranks 107th, scoring 100. These trends make of Morocco one of the countries that have not been mostly affected by extreme weather and weather-related loss events.

For the record, the scores of every country studied by the report is based on four categories, namely the number of deaths, number of deaths per 100 000 inhabitants, sum of losses in US$ in purchasing power parity (PPP) as well as losses per unit of Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

According to the report, «less developed countries are generally more affected than industrialized countries».

The study believes that «the 2018 heatwaves and droughts also proved : High income countries feel climate impacts more clearly than ever before. Effective climate change mitigation is therefore in the self-interest of all countries worldwide».

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