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«Messiah», the new Netflix series for Muslim viewers

Messiah, a new Netflix series. / DR
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American media-services provider and production company Netflix has unveiled the first trailer of «Messiah», a thriller web television series for Muslim viewers, CNews reports.

The series, which will be released on Netflix on January 1, 2020, tells the story of a young man in Syria. The man claims to be sent to Earth by his father. Like Jesus Christ, the man will perform miracles around the world and will be investigated by the CIA.

In the series, the main character «Messiah», which in Islam is known as a false prophet who descends to Earth to make people sin.

The Muslim community reacted to the trailer released by Netflix, which asked «Who do you think he is?». Muslims and Arabic speakers quickly realized that the Messiah was Dajjal, the false prophet.

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