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UK : A Conservative candidate retweets posts claiming Muslims have a «nasty culture»

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A Conservative candidate is under fire for sharing Islamophobic material on social media. The former BBC journalist Linden Kemkaran has allegedly retweeted posts that claimed «Muslims have a nasty culture», the Guardian wrote Monday.

Kemkaran who is representing the Conservatives in Bradford East, retweeted a user on Twitter last week who «dismissed Islamophobia as nonsense», the same source said.

According to the BBC, Labor candidate Naz Shah has sent a complaint to the Conservatives about the retweeted Islamophobic material. The British party has launched an investigation into the complaint, BBC added.

Kemkaran’s retweets come as her party has been criticized for reportedly endorsing and sharing Islamophic comments on social media.

In fact, Conservatives suspended a number of its members for reportedly sharing Islamophobic posts online.

The decision was taken after British newspaper The Guardian said in a recent article that «15 current and 10 former Tory councilors have posted, shared or endorsed Islamophobic or other racist content on Facebook or Twitter», citing a dossier that it obtained from an anonymous Twitter user.

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