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Spain : Two Moroccan women arrested for «sexual exploitation of a minor»

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Two Moroccan women, aged 32 and 38, were arrested on the charges of sexual exploitation of a minor in Barcelona.

According to Spanish newspaper El Nacional, the women took the minor in question from a nightlife spot in Barcelona in February.

The minor had left for Barcelona to spend a few days with friends. During an evening, she would have met the two Moroccan women who would have offered her a job.

According to the same source, the minor had reportedly accepted their offer and after a few months she moved into the house of one of the two women.

Today she accuses the two Moroccans of having «forced her to use drugs and have sex with different men for money», wrote El Nacional. The minor also accuses them of «threatening her with a gun».

The Mossos of Esquadra started the investigation last June, when they suspected the economic activities of the two women. The police accessed the apartment where the girl lived, in addition to houses located in Barcelona and Mataró. The agents actually found a firearm and 7,650 euros in their houses.

The women were brought before the judge who decided to prosecute them in provisional release, the same source concluded.

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