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A Moroccan teenager arrested for «attempting to evade» an airplane while on LSD heard in France

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A Moroccan teenager who was arrested in France’s Orly airport for trying to fly to Morocco while on LSD was heard, Friday, in court.

Arrested in June 2019, the Moroccan irregular migrant was found in the cockpit of an Airbus A321 while on LSD, French daily Le Parisien reports.

The arrestee is prosecuted for «having attempted to fraudulently evade an Airbus A321 plane to the detriment of the airline company Vueling», wrote the daily.

According to the same source, the teen’s mental health has been «deteriorating» since his arrest. «He stays naked in his cell other than a blanket, goes to the toilet on the floor and paints the walls of the cell with his own feces», his lawyer said.

The newspaper said the 16-year-old boy arrived in France two years ago and since then has been living on the streets.

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