Canada to introduce a new immigration program allowing communities to pick newcomers

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The Canadian government is planning to implement a new immigration program, allowing cities and towns to select immigrants based on local labor needs, wrote CBC on Thursday.

The program promised by the Liberal Party of Canada is entrusted to the new Immigration minister Marco Mendicino. It mainly consists of helping local communities, chambers of commerce and labor councils decide on the immigrants wanting to settle down in their areas based on the needs of their communities.

The new program is expected to create 5,000 new spaces, the same source said. Commenting on the program, Mendicino said that it would allow the «system to draw on local experiences, expertise, capacities to understand where are the labor shortages, where the economic opportunities are and how that information can help us select individuals who wish to come to Canada to ply their trade, to fulfil their opportunity».

The new program goes hand in hand with another plan initiated by the government. The latter created a provincial nominee program to attract people «with specific skills, education or work experience that could contribute to the economy of a specific region», CBC concluded.

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