The woman harassed by a group of men in a viral video is Egyptian and not Moroccan

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An inquiry led by the Egyptian authorities revealed that the girl, who appeared in a viral video being sexually harassed by a group of men in the Egyptian city of Masoura, is Egyptian and not Moroccan as reported earlier this week by several newspapers, including Yabiladi.  

The same thing was confirmed by a well-informed source in Egypt, which told Yabiladi, Friday, that the woman in said video was not alone and that «she was with another girl, who managed to flee the crowd». The same source stressed that the «girl in the video is an Egyptian student from a small town near Mansoura».

In a communiqué released, Friday, the Egyptian Interior Ministry said that the woman in question lives in Mansoura and that a group of men who started catcalling her and filming her with their phones ended up by harassing her.

The ministry indicated that the seven accused from said videos have been identified.

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