An American woman sues a travel company after she fell off the back of a camel in Morocco

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A New Jersey woman is suing an American travel company and its subsidiary after it fell off the back of a camel in Morocco, Daily News reported on Saturday.

Breanne Ayala filed a lawsuit against TripAdvisor and its subsidiary Viator for «negligence and breach of contract for failure to ensure the tour company was operating safely», the same source said.  

«They put her on a pregnant camel and it’s a month away from giving birth», her lawyer Andrew Abraham said, adding that Ayala was «hanging on the side and then fell off».

Ayala and her family were holidaying in Morocco, in January 2018, when she booked a sunset camel tour in Marrakech. She claims that she was «not given a safety briefing» and that TripAdvisor and Viator «should have been aware that the camel company was utilizing animals which they knew to be untrained and in unsafe physical condition».

The lawsuit alleges that the camel Ayala was riding was too old to kneel. When she fell, Ayala fractured her upper right arm, the lawsuit says.

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