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Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed used to work as a waiter in Morocco

Emirates Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed. / DR
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Last week, American newspaper the New York Times published a portrait of the United Arab Emirates’ Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, relying on the account of Richard Clarke who served in the past as an advisor in the country.

The newspaper recalls MBZ’s teenage years in Morocco, indicating that when he turned 14 years old «his father sent him to school in Morocco».

«Zayed seems to have intended this to be a toughening experience; he gave his son a passport showing a different last name, so that he wouldn’t be treated like royalty», the New York Times wrote.

While in Morocco, MBZ was not allowed to live the life of a Prince. In fact, he «spent several months working as a waiter in a local restaurant». «He made his own meals and did his own laundry, and was often lonely», the New York-based newspaper recalls.

«There’d be a bowl of tabbouleh in the fridge, and I’d keep eating from it day after day until a kind of fungus formed on the top», M.B.Z. told Richard Clarke.

For the record, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi visited Morocco in summer 2019.

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