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Sound Energy receives EIA approval for its Morocco «Tendrara Gas Export Pipeline»

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Moroccan focused upstream gas company Sound Energy PLC announced, Monday, that it had received Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) approval from the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Environment to build and operate 120 km gas pipeline connecting a gas treatment plant and compression station to the Gazoduc Maghreb Europe pipeline (GME).

In a statement, the firm said that this «Tendrara Gas Export Pipeline (TGEP) will cross the Matarka Commune (Province of Figuig) and Merija Commune (Province of Jerada) to reach the delivery point of the GME».

Sound Energy recalls that its first meeting with the National Committee from the Moroccan Ministry of Energy, Mines and Environment to review the project was held in October 2019. It also reported that the second meeting of the National Committee to «further consider and, if agreed, to approve CPF EIA is scheduled on 28th January, 2020».  

Meanwhile, Sound Energy revealed that «ongoing discussions with the representatives of the Morocco's Ministry of Interior to obtain rights through a long-term lease agreement for a 50m wide corridor along the entire 120 km length of the TGEP are progressing to plan».

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